Zoe Yin

Internationally Famed Child Prodigy Artist and Writer


Zoe Yin was born in Boston, into a family with artistic talent. At age 8 Yin was compared with masters like Matisse and Picasso.

Yin began drawing when she was one year old. At age 6, she became a member of Andover Artist Guild and exhibited at the 33rd Andover Art in the Park Event among over 100 adult artists across the New England states. She became the youngest artist ever to exhibit in the fair's history, and sold her first acrylic painting. At age 8, Yin broke another record and became the youngest artist ever to exhibit in the International Art Expo. The previous record was set by her older sister, Victoria Yin, at age 10. International Art Expo New York has hosted many of the 20th century giants in the world of art including Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Erte. On the 32nd Expo’s opening day Media Alert, Zoe was featured as an “eight year old prodigy whose work is reminiscent of Matisse and Rembrandt”. Her art and story as “A Rising Star, Zoe Yin, 8 Year Old” was on the Artist Highlights in the Art Expo 2010 Magazine. Yin became a sensation on the Art Expo show floor.

At age 8, the National Association for Gifted Education and the Massachusetts Association for Gifted Education awarded Yin Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award and Scholarship -- a prestigious prize given each year to only one outstanding student in each state. Yin was the youngest student ever awarded. Her sister, Victoria Yin, won the same award when she was 9. It was an unprecedented event for the two siblings to win this prize.

By age 9, Yin has had gallery representations in many states across America including Ohio (Trvlart, O gallery), New York City (Lumen Gallery), California (Imaginarts), and New Hampshire (Gallery at Well Sweep). Her art has been on public exhibition at Beck Center for the Arts in Cleveland, Ohio. She has been the subject of articles in local and regional newspapers, national magazines, and has been with live WCPN radio interview in Ohio.

At age 10, World Art Museum, Beijing China, exhibited Yin and her sister's artworks. Yin was interviewed by CCTV (China Central TV) Cultural Express, China Education TV (Famous Arts & Artists), BTV Beijing, Phoenix Satellite TV, CCTV Crossover, and painted live in front of the world wide TV audience.

In 2011, “Art World Child Prodigy Siblings: Victoria Yin, Zoe Yin”, a book collecting Yin’s works from age 6-9 and her sibling's from age 9-12, was published in English and Chinese.

At age 11, her story was documented in PRODIGIES, a THNKRtv series initiated by Google, showcasing the world's youngest and brightest talents. She was featured in CTITV Taiwan, and CTI Asian.

At age 14, Yin was featured by WCVB-TV Chronicle "Whiz Kid".

Many of Yin"s paintings have been in private and public collections.

Yin is currently attending Phillips Academy in Massachusetts. Business Insider and Niche both ranked Phillips Academy as the best private high school in America,


Age 14

07-11. 2016     Exhibit, the gallery at Well Sweep, New Hampshire
01. 2016     Featured in Boston WCVB chronicle "Whiz Kids"

Age 13

03. 2015     Exhibit and art auction, Art Avenue Gallery, Florida
11. 2014     Featured in Daily Beast, "Blessed or Cursed? Child Prodigies Revealed All."
04. 2014     Featured in CTI ASIAN (a cable channel broadcasting In Southeast Asian, Austria, New Zealand and North America)

Age 12

10.2013     CTITV News, Taiwan
10.2013     Exhibit, Salon D' Autumne, Paris, France
10.2013     Exhibit and art auction, Ravella Lake Las Vegas.

Age 11

9-10. 2012     “Child Prodigy Siblings Dazzle the Art World" and "Art Prodigy Compared to Matisse", episodes of the PRODIGIES, a bi-weekly series created and produced by THNKR tv, a web based TV channel initiated by GOOGLE, documenting showcasing the world’s youngest and brightest talents
08. 2012     Founded Victoria Yin and Zoe Yin Foundation
08. 2012     Exhibit, the gallery at Well Sweep, New Hampshire
05. 2012     Art exhibit and fund-raising for Hattie Larlham Foundation, Akron Art Museum, Akron, Ohio
05. 2012     Interview, COOL Cleveland (an award winning social media for cool events, people, news, etc.)
03-11. 2012      Exhibit, Beck Cafe and Gallery, Ohio

Age 10

10. 2011      Exhibit, Beijing World Art Museum, Beijing China
10. 2011      Interview, CCTV (China Central TV) Crossover, Beijing China
10. 2011      Interview, CCTV Cultural Express, Beijing China
10. 2011      Featured on CHINA EDUCATION TV Famous Arts and Artists, Beijing China
10 2011      Phoenix Satellite TV, News
10 2011      BTV News, Beijing, CHINA
10. 2011      Book “Art world Child Prodigy Siblings-Victoria Yin. Zoe Yin” exhibited at the Frankfurt World Book Fair, Germany
10. 2011-12. 2012     Exhibit, 798 Times Space, 798 Art Zone, Beijing China
10. 2011-12. 2012     Exhibit, Unique Creative Industry Group, Beijing China
10. 2011-12. 2012     Exhibit, Beijing Foreign Languages University, Center for United Nations and International Studies,China
09. 2011     Book “Art world Child Prodigy Siblings-Victoria Yin. Zoe Yin” published by Foreign Language Press, Beijing China
05-12. 2011     Exhibit, the Gallery at Well Sweep, New Hampshire

Age 9

Permanent Collection, Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland, Ohio
02-10. 2011     Exhibit, Lumen Gallery, New York, NY
03-06. 2011     Exhibit, Legend Financial Group, Willoughby Ohio
03-05. 2011     Exhibit, Avamar Endoscopy, Warren, Ohio
12. 2010     Exhibit and art auction, Elite Art Events, Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas
12. 2010-02. 2011    Exhibit, LOreal Corp, Ohio USA
11-12. 2010     Exhibit, O Gallery, Ohio
11. 2010     Interview with WCPN 90.3 FM Radio, Ohio
11-12. 2010     Exhibit, Beck Center for the Art, Ohio
11. 2010     Interview, COOL Cleveland (an award winning social media for cool events, people, news, etc.)
09. 2010     Featured in Art Business News, “Zoe Yin: Artist to Watch”
08. 2010     Exhibit and fundraising for the AVAMAR Foundation, Ohio
06. 2010     Interview, Art Business News, “Art Way Beyond Her Years”--Victoria Yin’s Surrealistic Paintings Create a stir with Collectors, Zoe Yin: Charting Her Own Journey, Art Business News, July/August 2010

Age 8

02. 2010     Interview, The Andovers Magazine of North of Boston Living, Cover Story “Brush With Fame”—Strokes of Genius, Spring 2010
03. 2010     Exhibit, the 32nd International Art Expo New York, featured in the MEDIA ALERT for the Special Media preview of International Art Expo New York as an“8 year old prodigy whose work is reminiscent of Matisse and Rembrandt”
03. 2010     “A Rising Star, Zoe Yin, 8 Year Old”, 2010 Art Expo Magazine
01. 2010      Awarded Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award and Scholarship for the State of Massachusetts 2008-2009 by The National Association for Gifted Education and the Massachusetts Association for Gifted Education. . (This award selects one student for every state in the country)
01. 2010     “AAG Youngest member Zoe Yin (8 year old) to attend International Art Expo, She is the youngest artist ever to attend international art fairs”, Newsletters from the President, AAG, MA
09. 2009     Exhibit, the 35th Andover Art in the Park, Massachusetts, art works were collected
05. 2009     Winner of Massachusetts Junior Duck Stamp contest

Age 7

09. 2008     Exhibit, the 34th Andover Art In The Park, Massachusetts, art works were collected
04. 2008     Winner of Massachusetts Junior Duck Stamp Contest

Age 6

09. 2007     Exhibit, the 33rd Andover Art In The Park, Massachusetts as the youngest artist ever participated in its 33 year of exhibition history, sold her first painting
09. 2007     Interview, Andover Townsman, together with her 9 year old sister Victoria as award winning artists
04. 2007     Winner of Massachusetts Junior Duck Stamp Contest



八岁时就被艺术圈内人士和收藏家相提并论于马蒂斯和毕加索等大师的尹亮景, 是当今艺术界极其难得的一个神童。她出生在波士顿一个富有艺术天赋的家庭,姐姐尹亮前是国际著名的神童艺术家和诗人。

尹亮景一岁开始绘画,四岁时她罕见的艺术天赋就已经显现在丙烯画布上。六岁, 她加入安多佛艺术家协会,与来自美国新英格诸州一百多位成人艺术家一起参加第33届安多佛公园艺术展览, 成为该展览33年来最年幼的艺术家,并且售出了她第一幅绘画。八岁时尹亮景打破了另一项记录,成为纽约国际艺术博览最年轻的参展艺术家。 她的姐姐尹亮前之前保持着10岁的记录。 有着32年辉煌历史的纽约国际艺术博览,目击并展出了好几位二十世纪艺术界的巨人,诸如萨尔瓦多·达利, 安迪·瓦豪,艾尔泰。 在博展首日的媒体特别报道中,尹亮景被誉为“八岁的神童,作品让人联想到马蒂斯和伦布兰特”。她的艺术和故事 ---“尹亮景, 一颗八岁的新星”,被选进2010纽约艺术博览杂志的艺术家精选。她在展厅内引起轰动。

八岁时,尹亮景还被美国天才教育协会以及麻萨诸塞州的天才教育协会共同授予久负盛名的尼古拉斯·格林杰出学生奖和奖学金。该奖每年每州只授予一个学生。尹亮景也是该奖历史上最年幼获得者。姐姐尹亮前在九岁时也荣获过此奖。 而这一奖项两次颁给同一个家庭, 乃是史无前例。这更证明了这对姐妹的不凡天才。

至九岁,尹亮景已经在美国及中国的多个画廊有了艺术代理,包括俄亥俄州的Trvlart 与 O gallery,纽约的Lumen Gallery,加利福尼亚州的Imaginart, 麻萨诸塞州的Global Publishing Boston及新罕布什尔州的Gallery At Well Sweep。她的作品在俄亥俄州克利夫兰市著名的贝克艺术中心展出。她也是报纸、杂志媒体的目标,她曾现场受访WCPN的广播访谈节目。


她曾受访中国教育台 “书画赏析. 名人名画” 栏目,中国中央电视台跨越时空栏目,并现场作画于全球电视观众。北京电视台,中国中央电视台“文化快讯”对尹亮景都作过报道。

在从容面对大众媒体关注的同时,尹亮景仍然只是一个成长中的美国小女孩。她在视觉艺术、文学与音乐方面的天才,无疑将给她带来一个非凡的未来。今天当我们见证尹亮景用她那极富表现力的画笔,大胆的色块,在画布上绘制一个个笔触看似天真却老练的人物,创作出一幅幅想象力丰富的景致时, 我们是有幸见证灵感自身在创造。我们只能想象这天才的灵感将把尹亮景带向未来的何方?

尹亮景 简历


2011. 10      中国教育台 “书画赏析. 名人名画“ 专访, 中国北京
2011. 10      中国中央电视台“文化快讯”采访,北京电视台采访, 中国北京
2011. 10      中国中央电视台 “跨越时空”专访,现场作画于全球电视观众,中国北京
2011. 10       世界艺术馆 画展, 中国北京
2011. 10       美国华裔天才小姐妹尹亮前尹亮景作品集” 由中国外文出版社选参加世界最大的书展,法兰克福书展
2011.10-2012.12    北京798 时代空间 画展,798 艺术区,中国北京
2011.10-2012.12    北京永一格创意集团画展,中国北京
2011.10-2012.12    北京外国语学院联合国国际研究中心画展,中国北京
2011.09       "美国裔天才小姐妹尹亮前尹亮景作品集”,中国外文出版社出版,中国北京
2011. 5-12     威斯维颇画廊 个展,新罕布什尔州


2011. 2-10    纽约儒蒙画廊画展,美国纽约
2011. 4-6    传金融集团展览画展, 俄亥俄州威乐比
2011. 3-5     Avamar Endoscopy 医疗中心慈善画展, 俄亥俄州沃伦
2010. 12      精英艺术拍卖会,拉斯维加斯红岩度假村
2010. 12-2011    欧莱雅集团画展, 俄亥俄州
2010. 11-12       O画廊 个展, 俄亥俄州
2010.11        WCPN90.3 FM现场直播采访, 俄亥俄州
2010.11-12   贝克艺术中心画展, 俄亥俄州
2010.9     “尹亮景: 值得关注的艺术家”, 艺术商业新闻
2010.8     第三届AVAMAR 基金会画展, 俄亥俄州
2010.6     艺术商业新闻采访, “遥遥领先于年龄的艺术”—尹亮前的超现实主义油画撼动收藏界, 尹亮景: 描绘她自己的
              艺术之路, 艺术商业新闻, 2010年7/8月


2010.2     安多佛北波士顿生活杂志,封面故事 “著名的画笔”——天才的笔触,2010年春
2010.3     第32届纽约国际艺术博览,尹亮景被媒体誉为“八岁的神童,作品让人联想到马蒂斯和伦布朗”
2010.3     故事“尹亮景, 一个八岁新星”被选进2010纽约艺术博览杂志的艺术家精选
2010.1     被美国天才教育协会及麻萨诸塞州天才教育协会共同授予久负盛名的尼古拉斯·格林杰出学生奖和奖学金(这
2010.1     艺术展名录 “天才少年”
2010.1     AAG 最年轻的会员参加国际艺术展,麻萨诸塞州安多佛艺术家协会时事通讯
2009.9     第35届安多佛公园艺术画展, 马萨诸塞州, 艺术品被收藏。
2009.5     麻萨诸塞州Junior Duck Stamp 比赛获奖


2008.9     第34届安多佛公园艺术画展, 麻萨诸塞州, 艺术品被收藏。
2008.4     麻萨诸塞州Junior Duck Stamp 比赛获奖


2007.9     第33届安多佛公园艺术画展,马萨诸塞州。 卖出第一幅画作。 成为历史上该展览最年轻的参展艺术家, 打破
2007.9     和9岁的姐姐一起接受安多佛人采访
2007.4     麻萨诸塞州Junior Duck Stamp 比赛获奖